Tuesday Randomness

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
How about some randomness???

1. On Saturday, while my mom and I were busy shopping at the Allegan Antiques Market,
Eric was attempting to get yard work done with Claire.

He tweeted about it, and this is what he wrote :

Yard work with a 3 year old as a helper is brutal.
#gettingNOTHINGdone #lookateverybug

If you ask me, hash tags are probably one of the funniest things on Earth.

2. I made my friend Abi's recipe for pulled pork BBQ yesterday and WOW was it ever good!
Even better, I get to eat the leftovers for lunch today!

3. Rebel.reclaimed is celebrating their one year anniversary this week, send them some love!
(or better yet, stop by the store and buy yourself a treasure!)

4. A picture of my gift tags was used yesterday in a post on the Etsy West Michigan blog.
Thanks Sara Lynn!
5. My craft room got a serious cleaning this weekend, much needed for sure. I crack up when people see these pictures and assume my craft room is always that clean. Next time it gets uber-messy I'll snap some pictures and reveal what it really looks like 90% of the time!

Happy Tuesday!

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