Mother's Day

(Here's the post I had planned for Mother's Day,
see my unplanned post here)my & my girl, love her!
This Mother's Day was extra special as I was celebrating not only being a mumma to my Claire,
but also to a new addition to our family that we're expecting in November! We couldn't be happier to be adding to our family, and are thoroughly enjoying watching a three year old wrap her brain around pregnancy and childbirth (her questions and observations are hilarious!)
Here are my thoughts on this pregnancy so far :

1. I've been nauseous and tired and many days feel like I have the toughest boss on Earth because I'm pretty certain the three year old doesn't care that mumma feels like junk. Thankfully, I'm 14 weeks now and can see the light at the end of the early-pregnancy tunnel coming.

2. Being newly pregnant during Easter candy season was bad. Very very bad.

3. I've seriously considered writing "take nap" on my daily to do list to guarantee myself the satisfaction of crossing off at least one item every day.

4. We've heard the baby's heartbeat two times now, by far the best sound on Earth.
I love this little one already!


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