Teacher Gifts

Yesterday marked Claire's last day of preschool. I've been in total denial that my baby has finished her first year of preschool and had to snap myself back into reality long enough to say goodbye to her teachers this week. (sniff, sniff!) All year long her teachers have been telling us what a special group this class was, and the proof came when the teachers themselves were tearing up saying goodbye to the kids.
Being our first time in the whole end-of-year-teacher-gift-purchasing game, I wasn't sure what to buy, but knew I wanted to get them something I thought they would actually enjoy receiving, (and not something covered in apples or ABC's!)
Here's what I came up with : Watercolor & Drip Dye scarves from GAP
I've noticed throughout the year that both teachers are scarf ladies!
Flutter By stationary set by Donovan's on Etsy
purchased while at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago back in Decemberthe gifts were finished off with these cards from Gold Teeth Brooklyn
purchased from the Renegade store in Chicago
Claire's teachers were amazing, and I'm aware that no gift will ever thank them enough for making our first school experience such a positive one, but here's hoping these gifts at least gave them a hint of our appreciation!

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