Crafty Christmas: Wrapping Paper

I picked up a large roll of white drawing paper while at IKEA this weekend with plans to turn it into Christmas wrapping paper, created by Claire. I thought this would be a fun touch for the gifts that she will be giving her cousins and friends.
I gathered up all of the red and green crayons we have in our house, spread the paper out on the kitchen floor, and let her have at it.
I had visions of Claire filling the paper to the max with her drawings, but I must have forgotten that she's only 2 and unless she's watching Curious George, only has an attention span of about 30 seconds.So, in the end, I have a lot of white paper, with a few red and green drawings on it! But I still think we can make it work. My new plan includes wrapping presents with the paper, and then giving Claire a few more red and green crayons to add the "finishing touches"!