Vacation in 7 Days!

In just 7 days my husband and I are flying the friendly skies all the way south to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands! We can hardly believe it's only 7 days away as we've been doing a countdown since at least 77 days! (No literally, my husband sends me an email every day first thing when he gets to work with how many days are left!)
We vacationed in St Thomas last year, but were only there for 5 days, and we just felt like there was so much more ground to cover, so we're heading back!
I can always tell a vacation is near when my normal one to-do list turns into about twenty different lists, and they continue to get longer and longer as opposed to shorter. I have this complex before a vacation of feeling like everything in my house needs to be perfect. And I'm not just talking about surface cleaning. A deep cleaning is required, and it's sad, but I generally go so far as to start cleaning out closets and the works. Why? I have no idea. Maybe to make vacation that much more sweet? Maybe it's because our babysitter is going to house sit for us again, and I'm afraid that she'll just happen to be on the floor and see that we have dust behind our beds. Or maybe she'll glance in my closet and see that my shirts are slightly out of rainbow order from left to right? Who knows. But I suppose if it does make vacation that much more relaxing, it's worth it.

This was the view from our room last year...we're staying at the same resort and requested a room on the same side. Every morning we could wake up to the cruise ships coming into the harbor, and every night we would fall asleep to the glow from the lights all up the hillside.