Still Waiting

Still waiting on my sewing it's not looking like any projects are going to get done before vacation at this point. I was told it would be ready in two weeks, so when I didn't hear anything, I thought I would be one of those nagging people and call to see what the status was. Here's a little of how the conversation went...

Me: Hi, just calling to check the status on my sewing machine.

Store: Well, the status is that we're receiving 10-15 machines a day right now.

Me: Okay, so what does that mean?

Store: That means that it's taking longer than normal to do repairs.

Me: just how long do you mean by longer than normal?

Store: Well, it's hard to say and I have no way of checking. Just call us in another week.
Oh my. I tried so hard to be really polite and use a nice tone, but there were two problems with that conversation as far as I'm concerned. The first is that she couldn't even give me a ballpark estimation of when my sewing machine will be ready. The second is that it doesn't even phase this store at all that they're behind on their promised time. I don't think an "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" would have been too much to ask.
There, my venting is done. And my birds will just have to wait a little bit longer.