Vacation in 4 Days!

While I am so looking forward to this vacation, I am a little sad that we aren't going to be with Claire on Easter. To hopefully make it up to her (actually, she doesn't care, it's just to make myself feel better!) I've got a few special things prepared for her.
I made her a little yellow ruffle and ric-rac purse to go along with her yellow Easter dress. The funny thing is that this is her second Easter, and she will have worn yellow for both. I think it's just because yellow looks like springtime! She loves carrying my purses around the house, so I'm sure she'll think this is something special. I also made her up a little Easter basket to open up with Grandma and Grandpa. Most of the goodies for the basket were found in those fabulous dollar bins at the entrance of Target. (Dear Target executives who I know are reading my blog....give a big fat raise to the person who came up with the dollar bin idea. Brilliant. My whole shopping list is out the window and I've spent at least $5-$10 already when I'm only 2 feet inside the door!) Her basket includes eggs full of barrettes and lip smackers. She's also getting some bunny ears, a stuffed toy, stickers and a card from her mumma and daddy telling her how much we love her!
Because I couldn't stop there, I also put together a little Easter bucket for our babysitter who is going to stay at our house while we're gone. She's completely obsessed with pink, so she gets a pink bucket with a pink bow that includes pink-wrapped candy and a pack of pink tissues. I plan to leave it by her sheet of instructions so she'll have a nice little surprise when she arrives.