Let Me Count The Ways...

My husband is wonderful.
I wish I could tell you all the reasons why I love him so much, but instead, I'll just give you a little glimpse into my day today and I think you'll understand.
When I checked my email this morning, there were two email messages from him waiting for me in my inbox.
The first read:
Two Days!!!
(See, I told you he sends me a countdown to vacation email every day!)
The second read:
How is monkey? I love her so much. I love both of my girls, okay, all three with Lyra!
Note: Monkey is Claire, and Lyra is our dog (aka, our first baby)
So as you can see, my day started out pretty good.
But then I got discouraged, so early afternoon, I wrote this email to him:
Here's my day...
it's 1:34
claire is finally asleep.
nothing has been accomplished.
the house is trashed.
no thoughts on dinner.
i'm not showered.
going to shower now.
then start cleaning bathrooms.
then i'll start packing claire's things for grandma and grandpa's
but i'll be wishing that i was in my studio
or blogging
or other fun things like that.
In reply, this is the email I got in reply:
I understand. I did the toilets this weekend, so the bathrooms will be easy. I will help you with that tonite if you want. Don't worry about dinner - I will figure that out. I know you want studio time...soon you will be by the beach!!! Love you.
And the best part is, he really will help me! It's so great to have my husband as my number one cheerleader and supporter, especially when it comes to staying home full time with our daughter. He knows me well enough to know when I've got it all under control, and to know when I'm feeling overwhelmed and he needs to step in and save me.
So to update you...
I am showered.
the bathrooms are clean (!!!)
Claire is still napping
and now I get to blog.
and no, you cannot borrow my husband,
not even to clean your toilets or make you dinner.
he's all mine!