It's insta-Friday time, one day late!
I hope you're all well into a nice weekend.
We're coming off of a b.u.s.y. week, here's a peek...
why yes Zachary, you can dance on that crinkly paper
flea market shopping in the rain=
bad hair + good deals
the bikes I walked away from at the flea market.
I mean come on, how cool are these???
one flea market find getting a makeover.
prep work is a bore, seriously.
 cruising makes him sleepy
our back entryway has been bare for 5 years and I finally did something about it.
Prints for Brielle from PS I Adore You 
"M" from Anthropologie 
Kindergarten visit day.  This girl is so ready.
Right before we left home, she ran to her room and put this necklace on which she made at VBS.  The beads read "COURAGE"
Oh, how I love this girl.
trucks are working at the end of our street which means
we have been doing LOTS of truck watching
And finally, we had a 24 hour kid-free house setting up marathon at our summer place.
We made really good progress, here's a little sneak peek...
a little display in the kitchen.
Those jars will most likely be filled with something like goldfish crackers, for the kids.
And, since we didn't own the house yet last Spring, 
I had no ideas that tulips would be popping up in the yard!
in the living room
Claire's room
front entry-way.
print by Red Letter Words
And, now I'm exhausted and might just climb into bed...
at 9:00....
...on a Saturday night.

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