Sorry for the crickets around here's like the end of the school year + the start of summer vacation hit and there's just been too many fun things distracting me lately!
Here's a peek... 
my beautiful ballerina
Graduating from preschool calls for a new, bigger bike!
Zoom, zoom!
 trucks are working at the end of our street, and this boy squawks "truck"
while pointing out the door or window about a million times a day.
(he always has to get low to watch them too, it's hilarious!)
I found this handsome little guy at Target, he told me he 
wanted to come and live in our garden.
How could I resist??
Surprising the kids with a trip to the Shedd Aquarium!
 seeing Claire gently guiding Zachary around the aquarium,
and hearing him say "whoa" to every fish he saw, the best!
 Every time I paint Claire's nails, she asks us to pretend that she's grown up.
This particular time she was just home from college, but preparing to leave for California.
Sigh.  #worstgameever
On Claire's first day of summer vacation, I told her we were going to have a contest to see who could sleep in the latest.  As a result, she's been pretend-sleeping in every morning until 8!  It's awesome!
this guy on the other hand, did not get the pretend sleep in memo. 
But I don't mind the quiet time with him in the morning one bit.
Good morning from Grand Haven!
 prepping our new chalkboard!
 a peek into the kid's bathroom.
bit by bit the house is coming together.
downtown living in the summertime is where it's at.
to the beach!
 and a peek into the kitchen which is officially D.O.N.E!
 dipping his toes in the water,
it was freeeeezing!
Enjoy your week, everyone!