Teacher Appreciation Gift

This week is Teacher Appreciation week, and I wanted to share what we brought in to Claire's teachers today.
Claire has been busy growing a garden indoors since Spring Break. Her zucchini is by far the best growing plants, and since we now have way more zucchini plants than what we'll need, we're starting to give some away.
We're growing our plants in Jiffy Pots (pots that can later be planted right in the ground), so to dress them up a bit, I wrapped them in burlap and tied them off with baker's twine.  I made small plant markers out of washi tape + toothpicks and placed one in each pot.
Next I found (at our grocery store!) this adorable soap as well as some cute gardening gloves.
 I packaged the gifts in strawberry baskets that I had on hand, and these gifts were set!
 Of course there's so many other times where a small gift like this would be wonderful to give, housewarming and Mother's Day both come to mind!