Personalized Embroidered Art

Inspired by an Instagram picture I saw, I worked with Claire to create personalized embroidered art for each of her teachers for the end of the school year.
First I had Claire write "Thank you Miss Robin" and "Thank you Miss Tricia" on a piece of paper. Since her writing didn't quite fill the size of the frame I was hoping to use, I then scanned her writing to my computer and increased the size until it was the size I needed.
then it was off to the craft supply store to pick out pretty colors!
I could seriously waste a lot of time just picking out different color combinations, so fun!
I settled on red, yellow, green and aqua - kind of teacher-like without going completely primary.
next, using a fabric pen, I traced the letters onto white fabric...
...and I got to stitching!
this is such a quick project, I would estimate that I had less than an hour into each one
Finally, I mounted each one in a white frame...
...and had Claire write her name on the backs.
I used the Take Home Bags as wrapping and also included a Barnes & Noble gift card with each one to create a heartfelt, practical and hopefully a fun package of gifts for her teachers to receive.
There are so many applications for this project - next up, I'm thinking I may have Claire write her name and I'll stitch it up as a way to remember/document her handwriting through the years.  She also recently drew a picture of our family, maybe I'll stitch that?  The choices are endless!


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