Happy Friday!
I hope you all had a great week, here's a peek at ours...Saturday brought a trip to IKEA!! We'd been looking forward to it for a long time, but what you can't tell in this picture is that I was coming down with the flu and felt like I was going to pass out the entire time. Sigh. Thankfully, we had a concise list and were in and out in about two hours, not bad!the two bright spots to being under the weather:
taking naps with this boy...and having this doctor give me check-upsour IKEA list included more cubbies for the kid's playroom.
And so began operation : organize the kid's clutter
this boy turned 6 months old.
slow down my boy, slow down!
anyone else having a hard time figuring out the new blogger interface or is it just me???85 degrees and we were off to check out a new park!
could he be any more sweet??
Have a great weekend!

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