Hello there!
I missed my Insta-Friday post, so how about a Insta-Monday post instead?red shoes, you make me so happyso do you, Little Guybaby toys were taking over our house, so I bought two of the biggest baskets I could find. The toys are contained (for now)10 pairs of baby legs from this sweet girl,
I think they're great, Eric thinks they're ridiculous,
(he just doesn't understand them!)this girl loves to craft and do projects as much as me.
We work across from each other at my craft room table, LOVE!flower shopping!
our patio is so happy now, I want to take up permanent residence there.Claire attended a birthday party on Saturday and adopted the world's largest balloon. Most of all, I'm just glad that no one was around to witness me attempting to get the thing in our car.and this guy wants you to have a wonderful start to your week!
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