Monday's 10 Things

(the three of us crashing on our hotel room bed...and yes, we look tired because we are tired!)

Here's what I'm most thankful for, right now!
1. A really nice time on our family getaway this weekend.
2. A husband who takes the initiative and plans fun things for us to do together.
3. Having a daughter who loves to try new things.
4. Listening in on Claire "reading" in bed. Last night her story was all about how "the love of Jesus comes to each of us in special ways"
5. Safety on our drive home. Think freezing rain + snow + thunder + lightening + cars on their sides in the ditch, so not good.
6. The ability to just enjoy a nice day at home (in sweats all day!) catching up on rest after a busy weekend. Yes, I consider that an occasional perk of being a stay at home mom!
7. Crafting with my girl today, she loves herself some glue!
8. Blogging...I love having it as a creative outlet.
9. Some really sweet comments left in the last week, makes my day to hear from readers!
10. A husband who took my list and ran to the store for me tonight when I really didn't feel like it.
What are you most thankful for today?
(Please share below, and it doesn't have to be a list, just anything making you thankful right now!)

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