My Love of Craigslist

I've been a fan of Craigslist for some time now, both for buying and selling, but might have just scored my best Craigslist find to date!
We recently purchased the Greyson dining table from World Market.
 We needed a large table, and I loved the look, size and price of this one.  My goal from the start though was to have chairs that did not perfectly match the table.  And anyone who has bought dining chairs knows that they are NOT cheap!
So I searched and searched on Craigslist for weeks, and as I was just explaining to Eric that I was giving up, this diamond in the rough appeared :
We called the man immediately (enter : racing heart, sweaty palms, just hoping we weren't too late!)  And we got them!  AND, the man delivered them to us (how nice is that?!?)
 My original plan had been to paint them, but when they arrived, they were even prettier than I thought they would be.  I think we'll live with them as they are for some time and then decide whether or not to paint them.  (Always easier to paint than to remove paint, right??)

And the deal only got sweeter when I opened up a Crate and Barrel ad this week and saw their version of this chair for a whopping $129 each.  And I got SIX for $140, yessss!
I probably should have waited until the dining room was complete to share this piece of it, but I promise, the after pictures will come soon enough!