Happy Friday and greetings from frrrreeeeezzzzingg cold Michigan!
The coldest temperature I saw this week was -1, that's insane!
Here's a peek at our week...
It was 11 years ago that he and I went on our first date.
By the end of the night, I knew I was going to marry him.
He claims he needed until our second date to be certain, but I'm so not buying it.
I've now made it almost two weeks without caffeine.
I found I was drinking caffienated beverages just because they were available,
rather than because they sounded good.  Here's to kicking bad habits!
(And drinking more water!)
a project in the works
(oh how I really hope it turns out!)
If I must grocery shop, it might as well be with a cute companion
my lunch, every day.
hello, Mr Refusing to Take a Nap....
...and learning to climb on the furniture
(he also discovered the joy of splashing his hands in the toilet this week, GROSS!)
Eric and I were able to sneak off to one of our favorite Northern Michigan spots for a night.
it was cold!
a stop at our favorite Bed & Breakfast/Winery
(our dog is even named after a room here...awwww!)
and off to dinner!
Even though it was only one night,
it was so nice to get away and have some alone time with this guy.
Back to reality...contractor woes + the love notes I left him on our walls
 you know when a workout stops feeling like work and starts feeling really good?
Have a great weekend, stay WARM!

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