Clipboard Wall

I've been using my craft room for nearly two years now, and have several ideas of ways I would still like to decorate it, but for whatever reason, deciding what to do with this large wall over my counter has always plagued me.  I've toyed with the idea of art, but I already have my two pieces over the ledge (to the right) that I like.  And I also entertained the idea of a bulletin board, but those tend to get messy, and since I manage to make enough of a mess while creating in my craft room, I really didn't need a bulletin board contributing to that!
I've had this picture from The Pleated Poppy pinned for some time...
I love those little clipboards in the corner, and finally just decided to go for it and create my own clipboard wall.
I got to measuring the wall and knew that I wanted the clipboards to fill the entire space, so the best number turned out to be 8 clipboards, in two rows of 4.
I purchased the clipboards at Office Max for $1.99 each!!  And I also purchased a set of white mug hooks that only cost a few dollars for way more hooks than I needed.
I used the smallest drill bit I had and drilled small pilot holes,
then I added the hooks and this project was complete!
I love that these clipboards allow me to change up my lists and decor as much as I like.  There are so many cool free printables available now, I'm sure I'll be switching it up on a regular basis.  Here it was when I first installed it.
And now it looks like this!
I'm loving this so much, I'm already eyeing other places in our house I could add a clipboard or two...the kid's playroom might be next!

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