Happy Friday, everyone!
I hope you all had a nice Christmas!
Ours was great...Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day was church and time at home just us, and the day after was spent with Eric's family. Since then Eric headed back to work, and the kids and I have stayed home and been ultra l.a.z.y.
here's a peek...
if there be Peace there be Joy
artwork by Rebel.reclaimedchubby, wrinkly hands two very tired elves on their way home from Papa & Grandma's house Christmas Eve
my favorite Christmas gift : a canvas of Zachary laughing
behind it is my favorite gift from last year : a custom piece from Red Letter Words
(Eric is so good in the gift-giving department!)
Our one big outing of the week was to the pediatrician (see, I told you we were lazy this week!) Poor Little Guy had to get his two month shots and they just took it out of him...later that day he went from screaming to sleeping during his bath!
Have an awesome, safe New Year's!
life rearranged
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