Happy Friday!
Here's a bit about our week...Linkwriting her letter to Santa...she asked for :
new bike
snack stand (for selling snacks)
It's so random! If only I could have captured the look on her face when I suggested we put the letter in the mailbox for the mailman to deliver to Santa, it blew her mind! (and thank you to the mailman for catching on and actually taking it!)I'm working on a major closet clean out.
It's time to be real about what I actually wear and what I don't.
maternity clothes are outta here!
They're heading to a great organization here in
Grand Rapids called the Pregnancy Resource Center.he alert : here's a peek at our Christmas cards!Finally, a picture where it doesn't look like he's being strangled by his sister,
pictures that include newborns are tricky!
Have a great weekend everyone!

life rearranged

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