Phew! My hard drive crashed this last week which means you now get two week's worth of Instagram pictures in one. Thankfully, I've now got a new hard drive with all of my old files and photos on it, I lucked out! (Note to self : back up files and photos more often, just in case)
So, here's a bit about our last two weeks...
(lots of pictures, consider yourself warned)Zachary riding in his sling...look at how folded up he is!post-Claire's bedtime dessert for Eric & I,
banana splits without the ice cream.
That makes them healthy, right?!?decorating her own treeand bedtime books with Daddy by the big tree
heading out the door to church.
eyeglasses + Diet Coke in hand means one tired mumma!
superstar!matching Christmas pajamas for the kids
I took a four week break from my craft room and finally got back to it this past week. Customers are requesting pillows, and it felt so good to be back in there!
how did this happen already?!?
In the words of Julie of Joy's Hope, time is a jerk.
and just because he's so stinkin' it is with a different filterI waited and waited for the grocery shopping fairy to show up at our house, but she must be slacking off, so I had to go myself. My parents came to watch the kids, but since Little Guy has me on the clock, I had to do some fast shopping. Remember the show Supermarket Sweep? Yeah, pretty sure I was that crazy lady running the aisles grabbing everything in sight.snow flake making with my girland now our dining room looks so pretty!I surprised Claire one day after school with a trip to Krispy Kreme.
We had a rough morning before school and I think a little treat was just what we both needed!
and finally, the reason my productivity is almost non-existent these days:
Priority #1 : holding sleeping baby
Priority #2 : everything else

Have a great weekend everyone, stay warm!

life rearranged

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