Happy Friday, everyone!
Claire has been off from school and Eric has been off from work this week,
so we've had lots of family time which has been great!
Here's a peek...
this is what Zachary looked like for a good portion of Monday
and I'm still not sure what was causing it...
...but then he goes and looks like this when he's sleeping and totally makes up for it
Tuesday we headed to the public museum here in Grand Rapids

followed by lunch at the Dog Pit.
One Chicago dog, please!
we also headed over to gardens and sculpture park near our house.
yes, our city is so cool!
Claire spent several hours at her Grandma and Grandpas one day, so Eric and I could work on installing two massive vinyl trees on her bedroom walls. (To the tune of 158 individual pieces!) Girlfriend went crazy when she got home and saw them, and we figure that had to have won us a parents of the year award, right?!? Maybe for a day?!?
still in our pajamas past noon, sure!
and this is turning into how Zachary and Eric end most days,
extra sweet if you ask me!
Have a great weekend, everyone!
Merry Christmas!

life rearranged