Monday's 10 Things

My dear friend Abi is turning the big 3-0 today! In honor of her special day, today's 10 things is all about my memories with Abi, things I love about her, and things about Abi that I'm most thankful for!
1. We've experienced so many of life's major milestones together. We met and graduated college together, shared the same employer post-graduation, we were both married in 2003 and both had our first child in 2007.
2. My daughter and Abi's son have turned out to be great friends who play so well together.
3. She is an amazing mother and is doing a great job of raising a very sensitive, caring and thoughtful little boy.
4. Many of her recipes have become staples in our house. Eric would like to personally thank Abi for her Chicken Salad Squares recipe, his favorite! I've yet to make her Oreo Truffles but think I might just have to this week, in honor of her birthday of course!
5. She could win a trophy for her home organization/list-making skills.
6. She has an amazing eye for design which is obvious by just one look at the treasuries she puts together, and by her adorable sets of blocks in her Etsy shop. One step into her home and you know she's put a lot of thought into every last piece of its design.
7. She's a very gracious host and does a great job throwing showers and other celebrations.
8. In a world of emails and text messages, she is keeping the art of handwritten notes alive.
9. She also always picks out the most thoughtful gifts.
10. She's very intentional, thoughtful and gracious in all she does.
Happy Birthday Abi!!

Now head on over to Abi's blog or Facebook page and show her some birthday love!

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