Monday's 10 Things

Here's what I'm most thankful for, right now!
1. (almost) All of my mums in my back yard are in full bloom. Purple, orange and yellow are open, now just waiting on red.
2. New family pictures. Having a photographer in the family sure is nice!
3. A really fun time at the apple orchard with my family this weekend.
4. Amazing Fall weather, we really have lucked out this year. Here's hoping it continues!
5. Claire's teachers telling me at school today what a great day she had and how happy and enthusiastic she was.
6. Girl's night coming up this Friday!
7. Knowing that Eric and Claire are going on their very first official Daddy/Daughter date this weekend. Warms this mumma's heart!
8. My brother, who is celebrating a birthday this week.
9. Two new recipes tried this week that have been a big hit in our house (thanks Abi!)
10. MOPS is this week!
What are you most thankful for today?