Monday's 10 Things

Here's what I'm most thankful for, right now!
1. Warmer weather is returning again.
2. A wide open week ahead!
3. A little ice cream social with neighbors on a Sunday night.
4. Watching how two year olds play together.
Best friends, fight, fun, steal, best friends again!
5. Another room is almost completely set up in our new house,
and I'm loving how it's turning out.
6. Two get-togethers last week with a good friend and her son.
7. Watching as Claire fell asleep all snuggled up on Eric last night.
8. Seeing how tiny Claire looks in her new big girl bed.
9. Strong allergy medicine. 'Tis the season!
10. How hard Eric works at his job, especially when some weeks are much less enjoyable than others.
What are you most thankful for today?