For today's getting patriotic project, I made red, white and blue pinwheels! What a fun (and SUPER easy) project this was. I'm totally going to remember pinwheels for future parties, either as part of the favors I give out, or as centerpieces. (Wow, did I really just say I'm totally...???")
The tutorial for making the pinwheels can be found here.
For my pinwheels I:

*found some great two-sided paper at my extremely large and well-stocked but slightly overpriced scrapbook store nearby. The blue and white polka dot paper is my favorite (what's with me and polka dots lately?!?)

*cut my squares to 6 inches x 6 inches and used scrapbooking scissors to give the edges a little pizazz.

*used American flag pencils rather than dowels as the directions suggested. (These pencils along with all sorts of other red, white and blue goodies are currently in the dollar bins at Target, get yours fast!)

*used some of my red, white and blue sewing pins as opposed to the tacks shown in the tutorial. The pins stuck out the opposite side of the pencil eraser, so I just used a wire cutters to cut them off.