Monday's 10 Things

Here's what I'm most thankful for, right now!

1. A long weekend that included lots of time with my favorite people.
2. The privilege to just stay home with my little girl on a Monday and let her (and I) recover from a long weekend.
3. My brother and all the other military people stationed in Hawaii (and throughout the world too!) who are working to preserve and protect our freedom.
4. Seven years ago this past weekend, Eric proposed to me!
5. The songs Eric makes up and sings to Claire when she's having a hard time falling asleep.
6. Hearing Claire counting and reciting the alphabet. I'm so proud of that girl, she amazes me every day.
7. A new-found craft that I'm really excited about.
8. To-do lists. They're the only way I accomplish anything.
9. Blogging.
10. Etsy.
What are you most thankful for today?