Introducing: The Sunburst

I have always been drawn to the sunburst design. I love it's retro yet very classic feel. A while back, my husband and I purchased a large metal sunburst from Kindel & Company in Howard City, MI. We absolutely loved it in the store, but once we got it home, we knew right away that it wouldn't work, it was too big! So, we reluctantly returned it and the search continued for a smaller one.
In the end, we didn't find another metal sunburst, but we did find this sunburst made of wood at Stonesthrow in Grand Rapids. It's from a company called Jeffan. We hung it in our front entryway, and I absolutely love it. The shades of the wood and the design tie so many different elements of our home together.

So, when I spotted the sunburst stamp, I had to have it. I love stamping it in copper colored ink. I think it makes a great stylish statement, and certainly sends the message that you give great gifts!