Donate Your Maternity Clothes

As part of my basement clean-out a few weeks ago, I went through all of my old maternity clothes. I haven't worn or looked at any of them in 15 months, but was finally ready to dig in and sort through them. I had two full tubs of maternity clothes and managed to trim my collection down to only one tub. I took out anything that I either (a) didn't feel good in the first time around, so probably wouldn't again, or (b) wore way too much while I was pregnant and therefore never want to see again.
I know the trend for a lot of moms is to bring their maternity clothes to a consignment shop or to sell them in a garage sale to hopefully make some money off of them. I would recommend instead bringing your used maternity clothes to a women's crisis center. They are always in need of donations of maternity clothes as well as infant clothes and supplies, (and you know as well as I do that they can use them more than the small amount we might make selling the clothes!)
In our area, I chose the Pregnancy Resource Center. Their main work at the PRC is to spread the message of Jesus Christ. They do this while providing training in sexual responsibility in a relationship, providing medical information, interventions in crisis pregnancies including pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, 24-hour helpline, assistance for parents with babies and toddlers, and finally, post-abortion counseling.
The Pregnancy Resource Center provides ultrasounds for a lot of women who are considering having an abortion in hopes that seeing the baby growing and moving inside of them will change their mind. Many baby's lives have been saved as a result of the work they do.
Besides monetary donations, here is the list from the
Pregnancy Resource Center's website
of items that they can use:

New or Gently Used Summer clothing, Sizes 0-4T
Milk Based Formula
Colorful Mobiles for Crib
Snuggles Carriers
Crib Sheets
Jars of Baby Food
Breast Pumps
Potty Chairs
Training Cups
High Chairs
Play Pens
Baby Swings & Other Baby Equipment (New or Used)
New Children's Bible Story Books
Disposable Diapers 4's, 5's and 6's
Baby Care Items (shampoo, lotion, powder, wipes)
New and Clean, Used Children's Clothing (newborn-4T)
Maternity Pants, Shorts and Shirts
Young Teen Maternity Clothes
All Sizes including Plus Sizes Maternity Clothes
Be sure to check out your local women's crisis center next time you want to make a donation, they can really use your help!