Ahh, Friday.
This has been a looooong, rainy week, I say, bring on the weekend!
Here's a peek...
 after an entire week of, the sun was kind enough to come out.
It didn't last long, but it sure was nice.
 you know that secret magic trick that teachers use...the one where they sing a little jingle, and the kids all willingly and cheerfully pick up the room?  Yeah, I want that magic to work at home.
 a new succulent from Horrocks and a new dish from Rebel making my kitchen counters happy
 pretty coral polish in the bottle turned into shockingly neon-orange polish on my nails, oops!
 posting a picture of my face wash on Instagram seemed to stir up lots of questions and interest.
I'll post more details on this soon.
 the rain this week has been insane.
We had to redeem it somehow, so jumping in puddles it is!
 I snatched up this adorable afgan in the @trishabrinkdesignshop sale proving that hitting "refresh" on your phone about a million times really does pay off.  This will be the icing-on-the-cake in Claire's new room!
 and finally, my heart goes out to all those affected by the tragedies in Boston and in Texas.  And because my own words tend to fail me, I've had this hymn playing on repeat all week..

Lord, I need You, oh I need You
Every hour I need You
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God, how I need You
Have a nice weekend, everyone.
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