Yay for Friday!
Claire has been on Spring Break this week and we've been home all week. While going away on vacations is nice and all, truth be told, having a very slow, very relaxing week at home has been wonderful.  Here's a peek...
happy, happy.
I never buy fresh flowers, but having some tulips in my house this week is making me realize I need to do this more!
my desk from my bedroom growing up is becoming a
seriously Begonia-pink desk for Claire's room.  I hope she loves it!
girl scout cookies, yesss!
oh this boy.
this was his first time let loose in the yard since walking,
he didn't even know what to do with himself
(and he sure didn't know what to do with hills!)
prepping for a little seed-starting project with Claire
grow little seeds, grow!
opening day, go Tigers!
it was such a simple idea, until it involved hauling the 8 foot ladder in from the garage.
special mom + Claire day.
we visited baby animals at a farm.  So stinky cute.
I so love one-on-one time with each of my kids.  Claire has been acting pretty goofy a lot lately, yet when you're alone with her, she's the most chatty, thoughtful and interesting little girl.  
Have a fabulous weekend,
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