Happy Spring, everyone!
It sure doesn't look like Spring around here, but come summer when Michigan fruit trees are actually producing fruit, we'll be glad about this snowy-situation we find ourselves in.
Here's a peek at our week...
new Young House Love light fixture, being hung courtesy of my brother
(because anything electrical-related just scares me!)
did you know that Claire is the main reason we decided to have a second child?  Eric and I were so content with just one, but Claire began to ask and ask for a sibling, so now we have Zachary.  Looking back, I can hardly even fathom that we considered being done after one, especially when I catch these sweet moments between siblings.
learning to eat with a spoon is tricky business.
AND, it looks like we have another lefty in the family which means we now have three lefties and just one righty (me!)
hot tea + candles inside and pretending it's not freezing outside
 one thing here does not look like the others
 another hoop for Claire's new room
(we're sooooo close to being ready to set up rooms, I can't wait to show you!)
dinnertime behavior lately has been out.of.control.
 the whining and sobbing over what we're having for dinner has reached all-time high levels (especially considering I make such extremely kid-friendly meals)  So, I made a dinner expectations list, and two nights in our dinners have been MUCH more pleasant.
yes, this is a picture from last week. but I just couldn't resist one more.
seriously, just look at him!
So, here are my absolutely favorite things about Instagram:
1.  Catching small moments that I might otherwise look past
2.  Meeting such wonderful people, including Sara from the blog, August Fields.  She did a sweet write up this week, be sure to hop on over to her blog and check it out.  (And check out the rest of her blog too, seriously.)
Insta-addicts, find me on Instagram as : coraannedesigns

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