Happy Friday, all!
Whew, we've had quite a two weeks over here, so this upcoming weekend is more than welcome right now.  Here's a peek first at why these two weeks weren't my favorite... 
sick baby = sad mumma.  Zachary was the first to come down with the flu.  Our family is normally so exceptionally healthy, and this was our SECOND round of the flu this winter, I still can't figure out where we've gone so wrong this year.
 I think somewhere in the Mom Handbook it states that if a small human being throws up on you repeatedly, you are welcome to redeem your day post-bedtime with as much ice cream as you want.
and because having one kid with the flu is no fun, why not add a second?
This girl also suffered a week's worth of night terrors.
By far my least favorite thing to deal with as a parent to date.
I spent an entire day cleaning and disinfecting the house.
It was only 35 degrees out, but windows were open, this family needed fresh air!
and somewhere in the midst of trying to eliminate all the germs, I picked one up myself.  Blah.  I'm so so thankful that Eric was able to stay home from work for a day to help me with the kids, I really don't know how I could have done it otherwise!
there, have I depressed you enough yet??
I promise it gets better, keep reading....
we still have a loooong ways to go on the house we're renovating,
but I did start moving some furniture into place which was so exciting!
working on a little art project for Claire's new bedroom!
oh, if you could just hear this boy laugh!
I called on my Instagram prayer warriors to pray for this girl that the night terrors would disappear, and we're so relieved that she has not had a single one since!
Thank you, Jesus!
our basement storage room currently looks like a half-finished project warehouse.
I WILL attempt to finish a few projects before I start any more new ones.
you're looking at the special person of the day at school.
BIG stuff!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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