DIY Pillow Sham Tutorial

I just recently made two pillow shams for Claire's new bedroom, and about halfway through it occurred to me that others could probably use these instructions to make some of their own.  So I quickly started snapping a few pictures along the way with my cell phone (sorry!)
 If you don't normally sew a whole lot, don't be intimidated...
if you can cut and sew a straight line, you can make these!
I made these using an envelope back, so each pillow sham is comprised of three pieces :
Front : 29 inches x 22 inches
Back : 20 inches x 22 inches (2)

After pieces are cut, you will need to hem one side of each back piece,
which is where the envelope will be.
On one piece, begin with the left side, fold it over apx 1/2 inch and iron, and then fold it again and iron.  Stitch the length of the hem to hold it.
 Repeat with the second back piece, this time hemming the right side.
 Lay your front piece down, right side facing up.  Then, lay your two back pieces down over it, right sides facing down.  The two back pieces will overlap several inches, creating your envelope.  Pin the pieces, right sides together.
 Sew around your entire rectangle, using about a 1/2 inch allowance.
(Be sure your envelope pieces are pinned well so they don't fold over as you sew!)
 Trim the corners, then turn your pillow right side out.
Push out the corners.
 Iron all of your edges so they are nice and flat.
You can re-pin the edges so they hold together well.
 Stitch the perimeter again, this time using an approximately 2 inch seam allowance.
That's it!
Go ahead and insert a standard size pillow, and you are done!
This is such a quick and easy way to spruce up a bedroom, let me know if you have any questions!


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