Happy Friday! Here's a peek at our week!
We kicked off last weekend with dinner and bowling with friends......and yes, I did do my hair and make up to go bowling.
(I don't get out much these days, people!)
Bowling was hilarious, we had such a blast!
and a late night run through the McDonalds drive thru for McFlurries???
Yes!and since we went out Friday night, we stayed in for NYE.
Just me and Ryan Seacrest ringing in the new year in my craft room.Late nights = Chai mornings
and out of nowhere, this guy turned two months old
so to make sure I don't miss a thing with him, I've started a 365 for Zachary.
Here's the first 6 somehow managed to be extra-productive in my craft room this week...
more pillows to Rebel + a custom order completed too!
Thursday started out real sweet.
I caught Claire on our bed "reading" the story of
Joseph, Mary & Baby Jesus to Zachary.......but somewhere along the way, Thursday turned into day 2 of Zachary thinking that 10 minute naps were okay, and a feisty four year old. So I loaded us up and off we went to Target to do some aisle wandering......and finding a chevron striped kid's teepee on clearance made it so worth it.
Happy Weekend, everyone!

life rearranged

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