Another week, another marathon.
Lots of fun again, but busy busy!Sunday morning with my girlTwo trips to the farmer's market this week.
This trip left us loaded up with sweet corn, peaches, and a donut for the kid!My head has been spinning with all the projects I'd like to accomplish prior to our little guy's arrival, and I find myself writing down more and more as items come to mind. Apparently my To Do list making habit has rubbed off on this girl!
Her list = 2 items. My list = about 2 million.Making Claire's countdown to school chain,
so much easier than explaining days/weeks to a three year oldHello 30 weeks!
Someone, slow this pregnancy down,
I can hardly believe how it's f.l.y.i.n.g. by!One thing almost checked off my list : set up new play room.
Inexpensive artwork thanks to ABC flashcards from Anthropologieand a little calm to end the week, lots of time holding this little peanut,
my niece, just 5 weeks old.
Happy weekend everyone!

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