Here's a bit about our week for all you Instagram lovers!Claire was lucky enough to be the flower girl in the wedding of her former babysitter. Flower girl privileges included getting hair and make up done with all the bridesmaids. Talk about BIG stuff for a three year old!
It was painful for her to have to sit and wait through the first dances at the reception. She kept turning and asking me when it was everyone else's turn to dance. And rest assured, once Black Eyed Peas "I've Got a Feeling" came on, she was on the dance floor with no hesitation!
After all the whirlwind that comes with an out of town wedding, our week settled w.a.y. down which was just what we needed.A golden retriever fresh back from the groomer may cause Eric to roll his eyes,
but it sure makes me and my vacuum happy.These may be my favorite little boy purchase yet, teeny tiny boy Crocs!My mother in law took Claire cherry picking, YUM! I've been a laundry-doing fool ever since as they manage to stain everything they touch, but they're so worth it.Michigan berry picking is awesome. We're past strawberry picking, but now on to raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries will be ready in about another week. Claire and I picked 5 quarts of raspberries and I already wish we had more!and the best part about spending a morning raspberry picking was certainly the raspberry smoothies we had as soon as we got home!
Happy Friday everyone!
Now please excuse me while I go eat more berries...

life rearranged

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