Okay, so I mentioned recently that I've got a handful of projects on my plate. And as hard as I try, the list is only getting longer. And this perfectionist-to-the-core,-has-to-accomplish-lots,-gets-overwhelmed-by-too-much-stuff girl is starting to go nutty! Oh, and did I mention that I have a kitchen that's been gutted down to the studs, with no concrete plan in place yet as to what we're going to use to put back it back together? Uh huh.
So for a short while until I'm all caught up on life, I'm going to take a little break from creating new items for the shop. And in the meantime, everything that's currently in the shop is going ON SALE! Not just a little bit on sale, I'm marking down as low as I can without giving items away!
Tonight I'm working like crazy to list new items that I already had made, just hadn't listed yet. And yes, they're all listed at the sale prices too!
Cards - were $2.00, now $1.25!
Gift Tags - were $2.00 and up, now .75 - $1.50!
Medium & Large Necklaces - were $12.00, now $10.00!
Pillows - were $22.00, now $18.00!
It's crazy, I know. AND, I'm listing to Christmas music right now.
In October.
I think hosting a sale is just making me a little giddy like that!
So head on over to Cora Anne, and start shopping!