Writing Utensil Holder

My husband and I are currently working on refinishing a desk that was in my bedroom growing up. The desk chair is going to be upholstered in Amy Butler's Cherry Dots fabric (which I love!) and I wanted to make something to coordinate to put on top of the desk. This adorable little writing utensil holder is what I came up with!


Quart-size paint can ($2.97 @ Home Depot)
Fabric (apx. 15 inches x 5 inches)
Stitch witchery
Spray adhesive

1. Cut a strip of fabric to cover the can. Cut an additional 1-2 inches of height and length.

2. Fold the top and bottom (long) edges over to fit the height of the can and iron to create clean edges. I used stitch witchery to hold everything in place real nice.

3. Fold one of the short edges over to create a finished edge. The other edge can be left rough as the finished edge will layer over it when you wrap the fabric around the can.

4. Spray quarter sections of the can at a time. This will allow you time to make sure your fabric is lined up properly. Begin with your raw edge and make your way around the can until your finished edge overlaps the raw edge.

5. For additional cuteness, try adding a rik-rak border or other embellishments.


Gallon-size cans are also available and the possibilities for what to do with these containers are endless.
Consider using them as:

Flower Pots
Toy Organizers
Gift Wrapping (think, alternative to a gift bag)