Easy Pasta Salad

This morning I made a big batch of pasta salad, yum! I love making this in bulk and keeping it in the fridge so we can enjoy it for lunch a few days in a row. We really don't eat it at all during the winter, but during the summer months it just hits the spot.
I would say this recipe is so easy that you really can't mess it up, but my last time making it I accidentally forgot about my boiling pasta on the stove for a while and overcooked it...big time. So yes, the recipe can be messed up, but not if you're actually paying attention to what you're doing.

Cooked Pasta
Grape Tomatoes, cut lengthwise
Sliced Pepperoni
Diced Green Peppers (or any color for that matter!)
Italian Dressing

Stir all the ingredients together, refrigerate, then enjoy!

And maybe try adding some grilled chicken too, yummy!