A Little Bit of Lately

Hello there. How are you?
We're doing well. We are now 3 weeks into a new school year, and I feel like we're starting to settle in. Here's a bit from our last few weeks...
Kindergarten.  (sigh)
Seriously, when did my baby grow up??
I caught her holding hands with her friends at the bus stop on the first day of school.
I'm so proud of my girl and how thoughtful and considerate she is of others.
and now all day, every day, it's just me and him.
And he probably says "mumma" about 1,673 times a day (literally) and I love it.
 paying a quick visit to my favorite kindergartener.
Because I miss her.
the same week that Claire started kindergarten, Zachary got moved from the church nursery to a big boy classroom.  It was just way too much all at once for this mumma.
Blue Lily came to our hood.  Yessss.  I booked our session with them last December and planned on it being a beautiful fall day.  And then it was hot, and humid, and rained just minutes leading up to our session.  But it all worked out and I'll give you a peek of our pictures soon!
oh hey, sweet boy.
 I was (finally) given Eric's blessing to plant blueberry bushes in our back yard.
I've wanted blueberries for.ev.er.
Now to start working on convincing him that we need raspberries
 and maybe an apple tree too...
so I've been feeling a bit Christmassy lately.
Details on what this is all about soon.
 Have you have all had a good weekend!