Much to Celebrate!

This summer brought big birthdays and a big anniversary for my parents. Partnered with the fact that my Navy-brother was in town for a short period this summer, a family celebration was in order! We surprised my parents with a family luncheon at our summer place.  Here's some of the details...
I was aiming to create a casual, picnic-style lunch.  Seeing that it was just our immediate family, I could take some time creating special details.
birthdays + their anniversary, printed on paper and displayed with a clipboard.
Turkey & Swiss Rolls (Costco)
Edamame (Costco)
Potato Salad (Costco)
Pretzel Chips
 I kept the table simple. I rolled brown Kraft paper down the center and purchased some flowers from Costco.  I also painted cardboard numbers from Hobby Lobby showing their ages and anniversary (60 40 60) with chalkboard paint, then rubbed chalk on them to give them a "broken in" look.  I used large glass jars (from Target) to serve the food in.
I stamped gift tags to label the food and drinks.
I then ripped strips of fabric to attach the labels to each food container.
Coral and white napkins : Target
Kraft food trays & wooden utensils : Creative Juice Cafe on Etsy
Small brown bags to hold napkins & utensils : Hobby Lobby
 the pies in a jar were a huge hit
(no surprise, I suppose!)
 we took pictures of the kids without my parents knowing and surprised them with a huge canvas
(I'm pretty sure family pictures are my mom's love language)
Happy Birthdays & Anniversary, mom & dad!
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