Hi all! I hope you're having a good week!
Sorry about no Insta-Friday post last week. The combination of Claire being on Spring Break + nice weather outside meant my screen time was very minimal, so I'll be doing a little Insta-Friday catch up this week!girlfriend got herself a hula hoop! She's getting the hang of it. I on the other hand tried it and immediately realized I no longer have any sort of hula-hooping skills!yes, he is always this happy.pretty new shoes for me!
they were so not what I was shopping for, but I just couldn't resist.hi!laundry room : CLEAN!
you know it only lasted for a nanosecond, but for that nanosecond it sure was nice.I've been trying to track down a "Z" at Hobby Lobby to match the "C" and finally asked a store manager only to find out that the "Z" has been discontinued. WHAT? Who gets to decide that a letter of the alphabet is discontinued?!? Now to figure out what to do with a half-finished wall in the kid's Grandma used to refer to herself as "small but mighty" and I always loved that. I was missing her an exceptional amount this week, so this shirt sure made me happy!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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