Decorating for Spring & Easter

So, here's the deal. I don't really decorate our house a whole lot for seasons or holidays. As in, I'm the girl who takes down the Christmas tree on December 26. I just don't like having a lot of extra "stuff" around.
But when my four year old repeatedly asked me when we were going to decorate the house for Spring, I started to feel bad. So while perusing Marshall's one afternoon recently, I found a few items that I thought might work.
one white platter
one mint green candle
one metallic bird
one green glass bunny
two eggs made of small shells (which Claire is convinced are pine cones, whatever)
and one mercury glass ball which I'm pretty certain is meant to be yard art, but I think it's so pretty!
I created a couple little displays around the house hoping that would please my child who apparently has an opinion on home on our kitchen table
one in our living room
but then tragedy struck
so now it looks like this, oh well!
I was pretty pleased with what I came up with.
Claire on the other hand : severely unimpressed.
So I did what the good-mumma in me knew I needed to do:
decorate with what a four year old would actually get excited over...
plastic eggs.
(thank you Target for having eggs in pretty colors)these eggs already had holes in the tops and bottoms, so with some baker's twine and an embroidery needle, I got to work.
and now we have Easter egg garland in our sun room.
and I don't actually mind it too much, it's kind of happy.
and the four year old is happy.
so all is right with the world.
(but yes, in case you're wondering, I will be taking it down the day after Easter!)

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