Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
I have to admit, Eric and I don't really get into Valentine's a whole lot.
We're now in the "we celebrate it for our kids" mode more than anything.teacher gifts, Claire's gift, red velvet pancake mix for dinner,
plus our Valentine's tablecloth...check, check, check!
Painting feet to stamp into heart shapes.
the four year old was ticklish as ever, the baby just sat oblivious to the fact that his feet were gooey and wet.This girl was majorly excited for her Valentine's party at school.
Valentine's is big stuff when you're a four year old girl, you know.I had 25 minutes between when I dropped Claire off at school and when I had to be back to her school to help with her class' Valentine's party.
Enter : my Valentine's treat!There's nothing cuter (or more exhausting) then spending an afternoon in a preschool classroom. God bless the preschool teachers for their energy and patience!
Look, even I got to decorate a cookie at preschool!meanwhile, this guy spent the afternoon at Papa & Grandma's house.and finally, breakfast for dinner. Red velvet pancakes, not too bad!
life rearranged

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