St Johns : 2009

This past week I drove past St. Pats where I will be participating in a craft show and I saw a huge banner outside announcing the craft show. First my heart skipped a beat of excitement, then it skipped about 10 beats out of sheer panic. I've accomplished a lot so far to prepare for the craft show, but I've got a lot yet to do. I really want to do it right, so I need to make sure I'm as prepared as I can be, and then some.
So, I'm signing off from blog-land for a bit. The nap-time/bed-time sweat shop is going to be in full force and I'm hoping to get as much inventory ready as possible. Plus I've got all sorts of yards of fabric waiting to be made into tablecloths for the show and displays to plan as well.
Not to mention, I think I've got some manual reading in my future while I attempt to figure out this bad boy...See you on August 1 with
10 days of My Favorite Things : Summer Edition!