Monday's 10 Things

In the Little Bit Funky style, I'm going to take a few minutes each Monday to post 10 things that I'm thankful for. I think it will be a really good way to start the here we go!
1. A FOUR day weekend with my family!
2. My brother Steven, serving in the Navy.
3. Impromptu dancing sessions with Claire.
4. Starting the week with a clean house and caught up on laundry.
5. Rocking Claire back to sleep this afternoon when she woke up from a bad dream.
6. The Grand Haven boardwalk and our Sunday afternoon walk tradition.
7. My dad and husband who spent two full days and even donated a little of their blood to building Claire a park of her own.
8. Allergy season for me seems to be almost done.
9. Sleeping in until 7:30 the last 3 days.
10. The prayer that Claire is working on learning. Eesus (Jesus) I loov ooh (I love you) Amen!
Go ahead and list 10 things you're thankful for today...I bet you'll have a hard time keeping your list at only 10 items once you get started!