Forcing Spring

The wind was blowing so strong last night that I'm pretty sure our house shook a few times. And while I would have hoped that the wind was bringing in more warm air, quite the opposite was true. Looking out my window today, I see SNOW. Winter has not yet left. Blah.
I must have subconsciously known this was going to happen, because this weekend, I picked up Wheat Grass seeds and planted them in a few containers I had. My plan was to use the grass as a springtime centerpiece. I would rather have spring flowers like tulips or daffodils, but they just don't seem to last, so I'm hoping that the grass carries me through to summer when I can start buying flowers at the farmer's market again.
I don't even have the slightest hint of a green thumb, so you can only imagine my excitement when overnight little shoots of grass started appearing. Now I'm about 5 days in, and take a look! Almost time for a little haircut!
So even if the sun is back to refusing to shine, and the snowflakes are flying outside my window, I'll have just this little hint of spring inside to cheer me up!