Before & Afters

I LOVE before and afters. It wouldn't be hard for me to watch an entire day of shows on HGTV just for the big reveals. So I really love the Before & After pictures posted on Design Sponge.
Check today's out!

This chair was done by Molly at Chairloom. It's amazing what the new fabric does for the chair...I actually had to look back and forth a few times just to believe it was even the same chair as in the first picture!
I have an old armchair that belonged to my Grandma. I absolutely love the chair and have no intention of getting rid of it, but it's currently upholstered in peach fabric. I keep toying with the idea of trying to reupholster it myself, but would hate to get halfway through and realize I'm in over my head. Up to this point, I've only reupholstered chairs that have the "pop-off" seat cushions, and anyone could do that
Anyone ever tackle a reupholstery project on their own?
Is it worth it, or should I just pay to have it done?