Square Wall Panels

It was just over a year ago that our living room was transformed into a scene from ET while our square wall panels were installed and painted. I absolutely loved how they turned out and pretty much wanted to plaster every wall in our house with squares. At the risk of going overboard though, I restrained myself and found just one more wall, this time in our basement, that I would have squares added to.
behold, I give you some marginal cell phone pictures...
before (TV belongs on that cabinet, but Eric had already moved it out of the way)
during : squares installedthe return of the ET house for paintingpeeking behind the plastic at the first coat of paintand finally, the finished product!
Our house is a ranch which means our downstairs family room is a bit of a bowling alley. This new wall works so well for breaking up and brightening up the space.
And now, I promise, no more squares....(maybe)

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